Meghan Markle remains at the center of controversies despite being no longer a working royal. She and Prince Harry exited the British Monarchy in their bid to live a more private life.

But, the spotlight seemingly never left them as they have continued to establish their new roles outside the United Kingdom.

Recently, she made the headlines once again after an author, who received an OBE honor from Queen Elizabeth II, threw new accusations toward her. Barbara Taylor Bradford told the Daily Mail that the Duchess of Sussex "tried, and failed, to "outshine" the British Monarch during her time in the Royal Firm.

The "A Woman Of Substance" author claimed that Meghan Markle came to the United Kingdom, thinking that she could be the "star of the red carpet." This is despite her being not much more of a "starlet" in the United States. 

She continued that the former Hollywood actress did not realize the U.K. already had a "shining star on the red carpet." She stated that it is the Queen, who has been in this position in the last 70 years.

Barbara Taylor Bradford, also, asserted that the British Monarch is "magnificent" and "divine," adding that Prince William and Kate Middleton "grow in stature" as days pass by.

Amid all the assertions, though, the publication did not include further details to the author's claims. It appears that she did not provide any explanation as to why she has come up with such accusations.

But, even so, this is not the first time Meghan Markle received this kind of allegation. Earlier in 2020, another expert had a similar conclusion about the former actress.

British writer Lady Colin Campbell wrote in her material, "Meghan And Harry: The Real Story," that the former has a "motive to outshine" Princess Diana, according to Express UK. She claimed that the Duchess of Sussex "attempted to fill the shoes" of her husband's mother, whom the public referred to as the "People's Princess."

Lady Campbell insisted that Meghan Markle "tried very hard" to do this, and later on emphasized how Prince Harry is "much less intelligent" than his wife. But, despite calling it a "terribly sad situation," the writer did not share specific details.

She, nevertheless, stressed that Meghan has "gravely misread the situation." Moreover, she reportedly proved it in her tell-all book.

In the end, Lady Campbell stated that the Duke of Sussex would likely still be in the British Monarch as a working royal if the Duchess of Sussex was not around.