Kate Middleton received waves of praises after hosting the "Royal Carols: Together At Christmas" service last December. It aimed to celebrate and recognize the efforts of every individual who stepped up amid the pandemic across the country.

Weeks later, collaborator Tom Walker opened up about his experiences during his "top-secret" rehearsals with the Duchess of Cambridge. He said in an interview that the British Royal is "really talented," adding that she is a "fantastic" musician, according to Mirror Online.

The public would recall that he and the future Queen Consort did a performance during the service. While he sang his track, "For Those Who Can't Be Here," Prince William's wife played the piano in the background for him.

Tom Walker, then, shared about his first meeting with Kate Middleton. He revealed that their first encounter was at a charity event in 2021, and later on got approached to ask if he could play the carol service.

The Scottish singer and songwriter, particularly his single, has increased ranks on music charts since his appearance and performance with the Duchess of Cambridge. He talked about the matter, as well, in the same interview he had with The Sun.

Walker stated that "it was so well received," adding that he now probably owes the British Royal royalties. He, also, said that the future Queen Consort sent him a letter, thanking him for the opportunity.

But, the artist noted that it should be him thanking Prince William's wife. He added that it was a "wonderful experience," and the musicians should be the ones thanking her because they all "felt so grateful to be part of something so special."

Apart from hosting the successful service, Kate Middleton received many compliments, as well, for her skills as a pianist. Experts and netizens expressed their surprise and joy to see her play the piano for the first time.

It is a "childhood passion" that she "reembraced" in 2020, according to Vogue. She even unveiled how important music was to her amid the pandemic, "as it was to so many people too."

Meanwhile, playing the piano is not the only "hidden talent" Kate Middleton has. People previously released a list of some of the skills that British Royals have seemingly kept under the wraps over the years.

For the Duchess of Cambridge, it is said that she is a "talented sailor," and it stems from her sporty side. As it happens, she, also, has other skills and abilities, like playing tennis and climbing Mont Blanc.