Netizens are now suspecting Lee Chae-young of abandoning her pets a couple of times. A source revealed the actress had turned her back from her cats and dogs and her recent pooch now has a new family.

Did Lee Chae-young have her dog adopted? Rumors have it this does not happen once but a number of times.

In a report on Wikitree on Monday, Jan. 10, an anonymous tipster claimed the 35-year-old had left multiple pets already. The insider cited her recent pet dog Jack Coke, whose photos she used to post on social media at the beginning of 2020, is nowhere to be seen. 

The actress surprised everyone when she shared that Jack Coke was gone. She recently posted photos of it on her social media, saying it was the first morning without her puppy.

An LP player was now placed on where Jack Coke used to be. If fans thought the pup was already dead, AllKpop noted it was seen on another post by some certain individual, who called it a "new family member."

Jack Coke seemed to be well taken care of today when its new owner revealed they were going for a walk at the Ae Wol beach. The source revealed Lee Chae-young's acquaintance adopted the furball.

So, when netizens asked the "Man in a Veil" star about her dog, she deleted all of its photos on her social media. Sadly, this is not the first time she has abandoned her pet.

Lee Chae-young also used to have a white Pomeranian in 2017, but that, too, was eventually gone. She also used to share its photos on her social media but it was later deleted.

No trace of it was found on her posts today. There is also no news about the white dog, resulting in assumptions that she has abandoned it, too.

In addition to dogs, Lee Chae-young, reportedly, adopted cats in 2020. She also posted photos of those on her social media but were later wiped out.

Anyhow, no one knows why her pets' photos were all deleted on her social media and it is yet to be confirmed if she really abandoned her dogs. When asked for her comments, Lee Chae-young is also yet to break her silence about the issue.

Aside from Lee Chae-young, Park Eun-seok also got involved in rumors that he habitually abandoning his dog, per KBI Zoom. His former college classmate claimed he ditched his beagle for a smaller dog because his girlfriend did not like it.

From here, netizens pointed out that some of the actor's pets were also gone, like his two cats, a large-breed dog and a hedgehog. Later, Park Eun-seok apologized, acknowledging he did not want to deny the possibility of adoption.