Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left their lives in the United Kingdom to obtain more freedom in the United States. They quit their positions as senior working royals, saying they want a more private life, and out of the spotlight.

But, a PR expert recently told Express UK that the Duke of Sussex's new lifestyle in the Duchess of Sussex's home country entails challenges and difficulties. He is said to be "struggling to settle" in his new home with his wife and children.

Speaking to the publication, Richard Hillgrove asserted that the royal-born Prince has now become a "rabbit in the headlights," and he got caught in it. He, also, deemed the father-of-two "jaded," adding that "he does not look like a happy person at all."

The PR guru continued that Prince Harry is living a life far from what he wanted. It is "million miles from what he professed," citing an interview he did with Tom Bradby more than two years ago.

As recalled, the Duke of Sussex shared in his interview at the time that he is withdrawing from his royal life because he does not want himself in the limelight. But, upon arrival in the United States, he has reportedly "morphed into (a) creation" wherein he sings on top of a bus with James Corden.

Hillgrove, later on, stated that the youngest Wales prince has gone so far now, and he feels sorry for him.

The assertions of the expert come as reports about Prince Harry publishing a memoir soon continue to develop. Sources claimed that he is currently preparing the book, which will likely become public later this year.

Page Six first learned about the "explosive" material earlier in July. Insiders revealed to the publication that the royal had already begun working on it, alongside Pulitzer winner J.R. Moehringer.

When the news about the matter made the headlines, the Duke of Sussex released an official statement, confirming the existence of the material. He shared that he is writing it "not as the prince" he was born, but as the person he has become today.

Details remain scarce, though, as Prince Harry has yet to reveal more information about the upcoming memoir. But, rumors have already started to circulate, claiming that the royal will potentially create an "embarrassing situation" for Prince Charles because of his book.

A separate report from Express UK covered the matter, detailing what expert Richard Kay has to say about the issue. He asserted that the Prince of Wales has concerns about his son's memoir, considering his position in the British Monarchy.