Meghan Markle and Prince Harry last joined the British Royal Family's Christmas celebrations in 2018. They chose to mark the festive season outside the United Kingdom the following year, and have since done so following their exit from the British Monarchy.

In 2021, they had a new addition to the brood, making their celebration a bit different from the previous years. They even noted in the Christmas card that the arrival of their daughter made them a "family."

Sources told Life & Style, however, that this "ruffled a few royal feathers" as some British Royals think that the card was "carefully worded to put more distance" between the family and the Sussex Royals.

As explained, the couple, especially the Duke of Sussex, saying that they are "finally a family" could be taken as a "slam" toward the British Royal Family. It was reportedly as if the royal-born Prince was emphasizing "he never had a real family until now."

The same insiders added that Prince Harry appeared to have nodded to his previous statements, asserting he would break the "cycle of genetic pain and suffering." He did so by providing his kids with an "un-royal Christmas" celebration, which was not "rules-driven" and "stiff."

It was reportedly "special" for the Duke of Sussex because he had "freedom to relax," adding that he was not worrying about protocols, unlike before. Accordingly, he experienced "pure joy," and "has never looked happier."

But, as to whether the allegations are true or not, this remains to be seen or heard. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to break their silence about the matter.

In addition, the insiders failed to provide a shred of proof to support the accusations. Therefore, it appears that the recent stories are all based on mere speculation and observation.

It is true, however, that the Sussex Royals had a low-key Christmas in 2021. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex never revealed to the public what went down during their holiday celebration.

Nevertheless, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry treated their fans and followers through a Christmas card. Aside from revealing that they made donations to various organizations, they gave the public a rare glimpse of their first daughter.

Buzzfeed News described the featured image in the card. It said that the family of four wore their laughing faces while the Duchess of Sussex held her daughter in her arms.

The publication asserted, as well, that the couple's son has seemingly "inherited his father's distinctive red hair."