Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemingly had a good time last Christmas. Despite the lack of information, reports spilled some details about how their celebration went.

Insiders said that the family, who welcomed a new member last year, indeed, had "holiday fun." They all had "Christmas sweaters" from the royal-born Prince, and a feast "with all the trimmings," according to Star magazine.

As for the presents, though, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, reportedly, stayed away from lavish gifts for their two children. It is said that they did so to teach Archie and Lilibet "not to take anything for granted."

Sources continued that the youngest member of the family, Lilibet, had her sights on the Christmas lights and wrapping paper more than the actual gifts. On the other hand, Archie, who "adored" and "looked out for her sister," shared the spirit of the season with the whole family.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, reportedly, opted to enjoy a "low-key" Christmas at their Montecito home. It is likely that they did so, like many families across the globe, including the Windsor clan. This comes as new COVID-19 cases continue to surge these past few weeks, especially in the United States.

But, it remains unclear how the insiders obtained the details of the family's celebration. Moreover, no evidence has been provided, making the claims questionable.

Despite this, the public saw a glimpse of how the Sussex Royals were doing during the festive season. This came after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry released their annual holiday card, which allowed many to have a "rare peek" at their youngest child.

Alongside the photo, the couple, also, gave a brief message for their audience on December 23. They said that Archie made them parents, while Lili made them a family.

Several fans and supporters appeared to have given their love and adoration for the family after seeing the Christmas card. However, royal experts claimed that material "confused" some individuals from the Palace, according to Marie Claire.

The report first emerged on Express UK. As noted, the assertions came from expert Neil Sean, who told his audience on his YouTube channel that a royal insider spoke with him regarding the matter.

He shared that some members of the British Royal Family were "weirded out" after seeing the "Happy Holidays" in the card. He explained that "Merry Christmas" is the more "traditional" greeting among the British Royals, while the former is "very much a Californian slang."

There were, allegedly, some discussions, as well, regarding Prince Harry's ripped jeans as it suggested "rebel teenager." Sean noted, though, that the feet remarks were "left on the table," and it meant Meghan Markle's husband was "free to walk shoeless another day."