Rumors of rifts and feuds, involving Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, continue to make headlines these past few months. One of the most recent claims even alleged that the latter now has "worries" toward the former if she decides to speak before the public.

Sources said that the Duchess of Sussex has a "tit-for-tat attitude." It would be her "ultimate revenge" to expose the British Royals, adding that the Duchess of Cambridge is "especially worried," according to Star magazine.

This comes as talks about the former Hollywood actress, testifying in the case of Prince Andrew, have recently emerged. As explained, there is reportedly a possibility that she will do so, considering attorney David Boies previously suggested it.

Meghan Markle and a "courtroom takedown" are what allegedly worry the British Royal Family. The insiders recalled the bombshell sit-down interview she had a few months ago and noted that she does not regret "slamming the royals."

Accordingly, she may "relish" the opportunity to speak badly of them if called to testify.

As for Kate Middleton, the same sources stated that she is "scared" over her estranged sister-in-law, dragging her name up during the trial to "tarnish her image." But, she is more allegedly "concerned" about the British Monarchy and its future.

The informants continued that Kate Middleton, as a result, tried to communicate with Meghan Markle. During the holidays, she called her sister-in-law to "smooth things over," and convince her not to break her silence.

Nothing was reportedly gained, however, adding that the conversation was tense.

Amid all the allegations, though, it remains unclear whether the stories are true. The British Royals, especially the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex, have yet to break their silence or release an official statement.

Moreover, the supposed insiders did not provide any sufficient evidence to support the claims. Therefore, the narrative has yet to be proven.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton is likely gearing up for her birthday on January 9. It is a big milestone for the royal as she turns 40 years old.

But, with the current situation in the United Kingdom, reports said that it is unlikely for the Duchess of Cambridge to hold or host a grand event for the special day. Although the country has yet to reimpose restrictions due to the surge of new COVID-19 cases, the British Royals have already begun taking precautions since before Christmas.

It remains unknown how the future Queen Consort will mark the day. But, a royal expert shared with Entertainment Tonight that she, alongside her family, will celebrate her birthday in a "low-key way."