Surprising reports about Meghan Markle have continued to pop up these past few months. But, what seemingly shocked the public was the suggestion that Virginia Roberts Giuffre's camp could call her to testify in the lawsuit against Prince Andrew.

The assertions emerged last December, with the attorney representing the plaintiff, David Boies, making the claims before the public. He told The Daily Beast that they may depose the Duchess of Sussex if their case against the Duke of York goes to trial.

Following the lawyer's statements, the narrative has begun to develop. Sources have alleged that if Markle does talk, "it would be the nail in her coffin" for her relationship with the British Royal Family.

Speaking to Star magazine, the unnamed informants explained that the British Royals would see it as a "major betrayal." It would likely sever any chance she has in terms of getting back into the family's good graces, adding that they would never forgive her for it.

Meghan Markle would, also, reportedly be giving up the opportunity to return to the royal payroll. As claimed, Prince Charles would never consider providing "any financial assistance in the future" if it does happen.

The same insiders continued, however, that the British Royal Family is "hoping" that David Boies is bluffing. He reportedly "obviously knows that mentioning Meghan Markle" would garner attention for his case, seemingly implying that he only did it for this purpose.

Sources, then, argued that the Duchess of Sussex was not very close to her husband's uncle. While Guiffre's camp can try to get her to testify in court, "he is going to have an uphill battle once she is there."

Nevertheless, the members of the British Royal Family are already allegedly gearing up and "getting their ducks in a row." As asserted, Kate Middleton is now "preparing for the worst."

As for Queen Elizabeth II, the tipsters stated that she has already called her advisors for an emergency meeting. She reportedly wants to ensure Markle is "kept out of court."

Despite all the references, there appears to be a lack of evidence to prove the validity of the claims. Hence, no one can confirm whether the stories are true.

David Boies, did, however, make the suggestion about deposing Meghan Markle. He explained in his interview that they have jurisdiction over her because she is in the United States.

He, also, asserted that the Duchess of Sussex was a "close associate of Prince Andrew" at least for a period of time. Moreover, she is said to be a person they can "count on to tell the truth."

Apart from the former working royal, the lawyer mentioned other members of the British Royal Family, as well. These include the Duke of York's former wife, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and Prince Charles, according to People.