Free Zia or Song Ji-ah is now gaining traction after joining the hit Netflix reality show "Single's Inferno." With her immense beauty and incredible charm, did you know that she has received offers to be an idol, which she refuses?

In celebration of having 1 million YouTube subscribers, Free Zia held a Q&A session on her channel. Here, she answered every fan's question and revealed why she refused to debut as an idol.

AllKpop noted that though the YouTuber said she is very open and always grabbing an opportunity that comes her way, she wanted to make her own brand. A fan, then, asked if someone had recruited her to be an idol and if she ever wanted to be one, to which she admitted that she had received offers many times.

However, she had chosen to turn those downs because she did not like singing. "I didn't want to do it," she said.

Free Zia continued that she is the type of person who does everything she wants, but that excludes singing and dancing. She believes these two things are not for her.

Meanwhile, the social media star now has 1.72 million YouTube subscribers as of this writing. Though she is already popular on her own, "Single's Inferno" has helped her become more famous.

So, in an interview with the show's producers, Kim Jae-won and Kim Na-hyun, they shared their honest thoughts about casting Free Zia. Kim Jae-won revealed their first impression of her was "hot," making them think that she was the one for the show.

Kim Na-hyun added that Free Zia was one of the most outstanding individuals in the series regarding dating. Her facial expression and how she made eye contact and spoke were unique--no one could imitate her charm.

So, when asked if the producers had edited her videos to make her look good and could be seen often, Kim Jae-won cleared that it was not their intention to make her look fine. They mostly put their focus on the show's love lines.

It was just that Free Zia was very popular among the male contestants, which was why she had a lot of scenes in the series. Viewers also fell in love with her and many agreed they made the right decision in making her part of the show. In fact, some said that if it were not for her, they would not be watching "Single's Inferno."