"Single's Inferno" may have ended, but it remains to be on the hype that it continuously be the talk of the town. So, to address the show's issues, its producers,, broke its silence about the rumors surrounding one of its contenders, Choi Si-hun.

Choi Si-hun is now facing a scandal in connection with his former work as a waiter at a host bar. As this job sometimes comes with a negative connotation, the "Single's Inferno" contestant met a huge backlash as the public accused him of being a sex worker.

To clear the air, Choi Si-hun himself had denied the negative claims before, while Kim Jae-won revealed every cast member "underwent sufficient verification" before they joined the show. In fact, it is the mere reason why they are not worried about the rumors at all.

He even insisted that the rumors were not true, Koreaboo noted. On the contrary, some question the fate of the newcomer Seong Min-ji in the show.

Among the contestants, she was the only one who had not had the chance to go to Paradise with anyone. Sadly, everyone already had their pair, leaving Seong Min-ji alone, though she was hanging out with Kim Hyeon-joong.

She was lamenting with him over both their love interests being off with somebody else. However, some viewers felt like her response to this unfortunate event was improper.

It was being compared to So Hoon's depressive moment as Ji Yeon had the chance to go to Paradise with different men continuously. Despite that, several viewers were surprised to see Netflix's recent post that seemed to be throwing shade at Seong Min-ji.

The network's official TikTok account shared a video using RobertKenobi's "Works of Art" audio with the voice of the professional voice actor Stefan Johnson. The phrase "this is a work of art" is repeated said over the clips of every woman contestant of "Single's Inferno."

However, when Seong Min-ji's image came out, it said: "but this" with an abrupt end. Though it should continue with the phrase "is a work of art," the video already ended-too short of including the last statement.

Many seemed to see this as a mockery to Seong Min-ji. It appeared to allude that she was different from the other girl members of the shows. It made her look inferior to the rest of the women that made them question Netflix's intent, though others only saw this as a joke.