ARMYs may have been missing BTS's J-Hope's "Hope on the Street." When the group's rapper asked fans about theme ideas, one suggested returning her dance show.

J-Hope has played a number of themes so far. Fans have seen him looking like a boyfriend material, wearing retro styles and even donning the most fashionable OOTDs.

But amid these all, fans want him to see as the 27-year-old dancer. Abbreviated as "H.O.T.S.," it is a series of dance videos that he will usually livestream or record to show his freestyle moves.

Sometimes, he has various guest features, including his fellow BTS members, Koreaboo noted. Now that the boys have their own Instagram accounts, fans want this dance series to return in the form of a video update.

It can be an Instagram story, reel or other feature, where they can see J-Hope getting on his feet again. There are many ideas that he is yet to explore and they want to see everything but the best from him.

"Hope on the Street" is made by J-Hope himself. He does street dancing videos that he usually uploads on BTS's official YouTube channel. Now, the clips are mostly uploaded on their official Twitter page.

This just proves how creative of a person the songwriter is. His hobbies reflect his personality. Dancing lets him tell stories through choreography, while songwriting allows him to express himself even more through words.

He also combines his musical interest with his other hobbies, which he usually shows on YouTube videos, livestreams and social media posts. He will also sometimes let fans see a glimpse of what he does in a studio or a practice room.

J-Hope used to be a dancer before he became a member of BTS, per Elite Daily. He attended Joy Dance Academy at the age of 10 and stayed there until he was 16.

At a young age, he already learned how to ride a bus so that he would not miss even a single class or lesson. He was so dedicated; he is now reaping what he sows.

In middle school, he became the youngest person to join a Gwangju dance team called NEURON. He even showed his time with this group when he made a "Chicken Noodle Soup" cover in 2019.

He, then, became a background dancer for other artists, like GLAM and Jo Kwon. From here, who would have thought he would become a member of the global K-pop phenomenon?

J-Hope now trains for long hours for BTS, dances in his free time and even films dance clips for "Hope on the Street." He also used to mentor a group of trainees on the show "UNDER NINETEEN."