Netizens have called out Yang Se-chan for roasting Jeong So-min by mentioning personal things about her ex-boyfriend in the Jan. 9 episode of "Running Man." The two were playing the "Of Course" game when many noticed the comedian had crossed the line.

The game entails agreeing to everything the opponent says or the contender will lose the game. Here, Yang Se-chan seemed to hit Jeong So-min with personal attacks about her former boyfriend, resulting in her defeat.

AllKpop noted the 35-year-old singer started his tirade by asking the actress if she was still seeing that "guy." He even alluded that she was thinking of this man when she filmed kissing scenes in her K-drama show, "Show Window."

When the show ended, the SBS series shared a clip of the game on its official YouTube channel and Naver. This move helped this scene to go viral online and got the attention of many netizens.

They started calling out Yang Se-chan and said he was rude to mix Yang Se-chan's private life and her work. Others also question his way of thinking, asking what he thinks actresses do.

Many accused the "Where is My Home" star and the production team itself of crossing the line for letting him do what he did to the "Sixth Sense" star. "Why would anyone bring up someone else's private life on air?" they asked.

Though long-time K-pop and Korean TV entertainment fans know how this game in "Running Man" works, centering on roasting each other, they still find this incident too much. Sure, the remarks can get feisty, but it should still be harmless, per Koreaboo.

In fact, Yang Se-chan and Jeong So-min's game began with only mockeries, calling each other "ugly," but things escalated rather too quickly. Some viewers noticed the model was starting to get uncomfortable with the mere mention of her ex-boyfriend.

Online communities also found it absurd when he said she was thinking of her ex-boyfriend when she was doing kissing scenes, with some deeming it as "sexual harassment." With that being said, they demanded Yang Se-chan to issue a formal apology to Jeon So-min for speaking about her acting career that way.

For starters, "THE NAME" star had previously dropped hints about her ex-boyfriend and how heartbroken she had been after he left. Jeon So-min had been in a romantic relationship with fellow actor Yoon Hyun-min from 2015 to 2016.

In an episode of "Running Man," she revealed she dumped her ex after he "cheated on her." Many assumed it was Yoon Hyun-min and from here, they believed the two had a rough breakup.

As of this writing, Yang Se-chan, Jeon So-min and "Running Man" is yet to break their silence about the issue.