Lee Da-hae will be shedding tears as she talks about her romance with Se7en in the upcoming episode of "Point of Omniscient Interference." The show's trailer intrigues everyone as they all want to know what makes the actress cry.

Lee Da-hae will make a rare TV appearance with her boyfriend of seven years. Though these two have been together for years, they still love to make their romance out of the public's eye.

AllKpop cited the MCs of the show wonder if they will finally make their love story public in the series. In the preview, the couple can be seen spending some time together.

However, in one scene, Lee Da-hae can be seen crying. She said she was "emotionally distraught" back then, even though she liked him.

So, what does it mean? KBIZoom noted she was talking about her love story with Se7en when she suddenly broke down into tears.

However, no one really knows the reason behind it and it will only be revealed when the new episode of "Point of Omniscient Interference" drops. Elsewhere, the "My Girl" star also visited a dance practice room in the series and remembered a memory related to her boyfriend.

Here, she recalled their big fight while learning dancing. When a song started to play, Lee Da-hae told Se7en she could not do it and asked him if she would just quit, resulting in suddenly stopping it.

Despite that, the pair looked okay as the "Hotel King" actress pressed the singer's cheeks and told him he was so cute. The praise made the hitmaker laugh and he looked at his girlfriend affectionately.

Meanwhile, Lee Da-hae and Se7en officially confirmed their romance in September 2016, per Sports Keeda. At the time, Sports Chosun exclusively reported the claim, revealing they had been long-time friends before they got into a relationship.

A source revealed they naturally became lovers as they turned to be one another's sources of strength during difficult times. The insider added they might have been dating for more than a year at the time and many of their acquaintances already knew their affair.

They were even called a "lovey-dovey" couple and they often went on dates in Thailand, Hong Kong and the likes. Lee Da-hae and Se7en initially kept their romance under wraps in Korea.

They mostly went on long drives and car dates. When their overseas schedules matched, they would dare to date openly. Months after confirming their relationship, Lee Da-hae said she became happier when she started dating Se7en.

She even said that it would be the biggest regret of her life if they never started dating. Lee Da-hae and Se7en's love story can be seen on the release of "Point of Omniscient Interference" on Saturday, Jan. 15.