Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the British Monarchy in 2020. While numerous things have already happened since the controversial move, talks about the matter persist to develop.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex explained that they want to live a more private life outside the Royal Firm. But, despite providing all their reasons before the public, many still have speculations about their decision.

One royal commentator even recently asserted that they had a "wake-up call" after seeing Prince George's photo with Queen Elizabeth II. As claimed, the Sussex Royals realized that they could not become the "superstars of the British Monarchy," leading them to ultimately leave their posts as working royals, according to Express UK.

The suggestions came from expert Neil Sean, who talks about the British Royals on his own YouTube channel, "Neil Sean's Daily News Headlines." He stated that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry thought of having a "different life" after a few months of their first meeting.

Sean emphasized, though, that it was not the photos in question that made them decide to leave for good. It was, rather, "something" that caused them to have the alleged realization.

The publication recalled that the photos emerged in late 2019. They featured Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George, highlighting the direct line of descendants to the British Throne.

Following the exit, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have begun to establish a new life in the United States. While it is, indeed, different from what the British Royals have, it is reportedly a "million miles" away from what the Duke of Sussex wanted.

A separate report from Express UK covered the matter, detailing the assertions of a PR guru. Richard Hillgrove, who has worked with Hollywood celebrities and global personalities, claimed that the youngest Wales Prince is "struggling to settle" in the United States.

Speaking to the publication, the PR expert explained that the royal-born Prince withdrew from the royal life because he stressed how much he wanted privacy. But, upon arriving in the U.S., he seemingly stayed in the limelight, with Hillgrove citing the royal's on-top-of-a-bus interview, singing with James Corden.

Later on, the expert said that Prince Harry resembles a "rabbit in the headlights," adding that he caught up in it as he and Meghan Markle live their new lives in their California estate. He reportedly looks "jaded," who does not look like a happy person at all.