There is very little information about the upcoming memoir of Prince Harry. But, despite this, speculations over its content, as well as its potential impact, have already begun to circulate among the public.

This comes as the Duke of Sussex has already provided some hints and clues about what the material will contain. In an official statement, he said that he is working on it as the person he has become today, and not as a royal-born Prince.

Royal experts and commentators consequently shared their thoughts about the matter, with the latest, saying it could drop "more bombshell" revelations. One even asserted that Queen Elizabeth II is now "anxious" over it, according to Express UK.

Speaking to Closer magazine, expert Katie Nicholl stated that the memoir will "no doubt" feature more shocking and intimate claims about the British Royals. She explained that it is only fitting, considering Prince Harry reportedly obtained millions of pounds as advance payment. He would not have got it "without promising some juicy details."

The royal watcher continued that the Duke of Sussex will likely build his book up by releasing a "carefully thought out publicity drive." So, "drip-feed teasers" will become apparent in the next few months up to the release of the material.

Aside from Queen Elizabeth II, it is said that Prince Charles, also, has concerns about Prince Harry's book. He is reportedly worrying over the release of the material "so close to him taking the throne."

Richard Kay told LBC earlier in July that the difficulty for the Prince of Wales lies in how the Duke of Sussex "chips away at his father's credibility" every single time he speaks up. The expert added that this likely undermines the relationship between the father and son.

Kay, later on, pointed out, though, that no one knows what the book will contain. Even so, he believes that the British Royals are "dreading" the arrival of the memoir.

In December, an unnamed source had similar assertions about the upcoming book. But, it centered on Prince William's alleged "holiday from hell" as he had to deal with his brother's memoir, alongside its potential content, according to New Idea.

As claimed, the future King has fears that Prince Harry might "sound off" on the accusations thrown toward him, once having an affair with a Norfolk neighbor.

Although there is no truth to the allegation, the Duke of Sussex was reportedly "enraged" at how aggressive press officers of the palace were to have the story killed. He felt they did not do the same when negative headlines about Meghan Markle surfaced across media outlets and platforms.