"Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 238 spoilers have dropped and it hints at the return of an all-time favorite delinquent, Mitsuya. Titled "Really Into It," Takemichi's new gang may have new members and Mitsuya may be one of them.

Takemichi needs a new advisor for his group and the protagonist knows who can perfectly fit this role. Can he try to convince Mitsuya as he visits him in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 238?

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Recent Highlights noted Takemichi and Hakki would be discussing their need for an advisor for their new gang. Takemichi quickly realizes who he wants to fill this role and so he goes to visit Mitsuya's place.

He then meets Mitsuya's sister, Luna, who tells him her brother is in a "very bad health condition." Takemichi still makes his way to see him and finds him in a dark corner of the room.

Mitsuya is making clothes and when they see each other, the two go to the park. Here, Takemichi tells him he wants him to join his new gang and eventually face Mikey when the right time comes.

Mitsuya refuses his offer and tells him the promise he made to Draken before he died. He vows he will be a cloth designer.

So, he is trying his best to fulfill Draken's last wish and participating in a big competition in a week. When the contest begins, Takemichi and others show up to support Mitsuya. Will this move convince Mitsuya to join Takemichi in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 238?

Meanwhile, in "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 237, Takemichi and Chifuyu recruited Hakkai Shiba and went to D&D motor shot to recruit Inui Seishu, per SportsKeeda. A flashback was then revealed, showing Kokonoi Hajime bringing an injured Takemichi to Inui to take him to the hospital after the Battle of the Three Deities.

Koko told Inupi about Senju and South's defeat and Mikey's victory. After having a short emotional exchange, Koko left to clean up the remnants of the big fight.

Inupi remembered everything Koko had said that seemed to make him convinced to join Takemichi's new group without hesitations. However, all the members refused the uniform he wanted--a shirt with a logo designed by Chifuyu himself.

Though Hakkai and Takemichi both showed a polite attitude about it, Inupi frankly showed his distaste for it. He spat on it and walked away.

Fans are about to see all these and more when "Tokyo Revengers" Chapter 238 drops on Wednesday, Jan. 19.