Queen Elizabeth II enjoys numerous royal perks because she is the head of the British Monarchy. While Kate Middleton will, one day, become a Queen Consort, she will not receive the same privileges as her grandmother-in-law.

Among all those that she will miss out on, it is the one involving passports that tops the list. This takes the spotlight as she is the only Cambridge Royal who will never have the chance to experience it.

Express UK explained that a British Monarch does not need a passport. It is unnecessary, considering that a British passport is "issued in the name" of the reigning monarch.

This means that Prince William and Prince George will certainly enjoy this special perk in the future. As for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, there is a possibility for them to obtain the same privilege because there is a chance for them to become a monarch, as well.

The case is different, however, for Kate Middleton. Despite becoming a Queen Consort once Prince William ascends to the Crown, she will never become a reigning monarch.

Accordingly, she will always need to bring her passport when traveling, especially outside the United Kingdom.

This, also, applies to driving licenses as they are not a requirement for a British Monarch. The rest of the British Royal Family still have to pass their respective driving tests to obtain licenses, allowing them to drive on their own.

Even so, Kate Middleton can look forward to other royal privileges as a spouse of the reigning monarch. Cafe Mom previously released some of the perks that she may utilize and enjoy once she becomes the official Queen Consort of the United Kingdom.

Apart from receiving new titles and peerages, the Duchess of Cambridge will relocate to Buckingham Palace. There will, also, reportedly be a "drastic" change in her and Prince William's bank accounts due to the funds and assets transfer.

But, while these things will only be available for her once the Duke of Cambridge takes over the throne, Kate Middleton still has numerous perks today as the spouse of the second person in line to the Crown. Insider shared some of the "most luxurious" privileges that an official member of the British Royal Family.

As stated, senior working royals have historic homes and expansive vacation properties. In the case of the Cambridge Royals, they have Kensington Palace as their home base and Anmer Hall as their country residence.

Alongside the estates, they, also, have opulent gowns and priceless jewelry pieces. Moreover, they have extensive staff, which houses personal chefs, assistants, and chauffeurs.