Supporters of Kate Middleton showered her with praise and compliments on various social media platforms. This comes after some netizens accused her of copying Meghan Markle's style following their recent engagement in Lancashire.

One even referred to her and Prince William as "team greatness," according to Express UK. Others, also, shared that they love seeing the Cambridge Royals, with some netizens highlighting how good she looks in her sartorial pieces.

The talks seemingly became apparent after a royal engagement on Thursday. Kate Middleton and Prince William did a series of appearances in Lancashire, starting at Clitheroe Community Hospital.

The Daily Mail reported that she donned her camel wool and cashmere coat for the outing. She partnered it with a tan poloneck jumper from Iris and Ink, alongside a matching skirt.

While fans of Meghan Markle alleged that the Duchess of Cambridge copied her sister-in-law's fashion choices, the publication said that she has already worn the same jacket several times since two years ago. The first one was in east London in March 2021, while the second time was in Cardiff in January 2020.

The accusations on Thursday appeared to be a follow-up on the same claims made by netizens the day prior. A separate report from Express UK recalled that the other supporters of the Duchess of Sussex launched similar allegations toward the Duchess of Cambridge after making a visit to the Foundling Museum.

She wore a vibrant blue coat for the engagement, and some perceived it as a move to "look like Meghan (Markle)." As it happened, the latter, also, donned a coat of the same color at a Kensington Palace event in 2018.

But, the publication pointed out that Kate Middleton's ensemble is already a "re-worn" piece. She donned the same outside when she visited the Stockwell Gardens Nursery and Preschool a few years ago.

As the claims about the future Queen Consort copying the former actress continue to develop, a previous report from The List seemingly disagrees with the whole ordeal. The material centers on the differences the two Duchesses have when it comes to fashion and sartorial pieces.

It states that Kate Middleton usually combines "traditions and modernity" in her clothing items. These reportedly reflect her "more conservative" style, adding that it fits her "continued role" in the British Monarchy.

For Meghan Markle, on the other hand, she is "true to herself" in terms of her fashion choices. It adds that she does not worry about the opinions of others and even traditions.