Chrissy Teigen remains honest about her cosmetic procedures. However, some individuals now reportedly believe that she is "going overboard."

An insider shared with OK! magazine that the celebrity does not see anything wrong with "taking advantage of science" to look her best self. But, she is finding reasons these days to "keep getting more procedures."

Due to the bullying controversy that she faced last year, she had to pull out of several projects. With all the extra time she now has on her hands, she reportedly fills it with plans to get more cosmetic work.

The source continued that Chrissy Teigen is "perfectionist," and "still beautiful." Some of her friends, however, are said to be warning her to slow down with the "tweaks" she does on herself.

They are allegedly concerned about the former model going looking "overdone and plastic."

The claims come after the celebrity shared a video of herself, flaunting the result of her eyebrow transplant. She posted the material on Instagram, wherein she obtained mixed reception from the public.

While it is unclear whether the insider speaks of the truth, Teigen did obtain a wave of criticisms on social media platforms following the debut of her eyebrow transformation. Page Six said that she even "clapped back" and slammed the critics for the backlash she received.

She took her sentiments to Instagram, wherein she rhetorically asked why people are so "riled up" over the little things she does. She, then, quipped that these individuals were going to give themselves a "heart attack."

Chrissy Teigen had her eyebrow done in November. She gave her followers an update on social media, revealing that she was getting it from Dr. Jason Diamond.

Prior to this, she has already had numerous cosmetic works over the years. Apart from the spray tan that she does every three days back when her children were not around yet, she had an armpit fat removal.

She described it as "one of the best things" she did in an interview with Allure in 2017. She, also, noted that it added two inches to her arms, adding that it was a "big secret" of hers.

Three years later, Chrissy Teigen opened up about her breast implants. She recalled having it when she was 20 years old, saying it was for her modelling career. Amid the pandemic, though, the celebrity had her implants removed.

In 2021, months before her eyebrow procedure, she went again under the knife for a cheek fat removal.