Steve Harvey has already given Michael B. Jordan his blessing to marry Lori Harvey. The latest claim emerged on the January 31 issue of Life & Style, which noted that the "Black Panther" actor is now "ready to propose."

Sources revealed to the outlet that Jordan is going to ask his girlfriend's hand in marriage "any day" soon. He is said to be "head over heels" for Harvey's step-daughter, who has been with him for over a year now.

The "Creed" star, also, reportedly wants the proposal to be "private and romantic." He deems it a "moment just for the two of them."

The insiders continued that Steve Harvey appreciated Michael B. Jordan's move to ask for his blessing first. It was an "old-school move," adding that he can no longer wait for him to become an official member of their family.

In the same story, it is alleged that the couple's circle thought that the Marvel actor would get down on one knee at Lori Harvey's 25th birthday celebration. This came after he reportedly planned a surprise party for his girlfriend, alongside their friends, at Nobu Malibu. He, however, was not able to attend the bash because of his stint at the third installment of the "Rocky" franchise. Nevertheless, Jordan is said to have paid the check "like a true gentleman."

Following the entire narrative, though, it remains unclear how legitimate the claims are. The supposed sources never provided any shred of evidence to prove the story.

Moreover, Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey have yet to make any comments about the matter. The same is, also, true for the latter's step-father, Steve Harvey.

But, despite the lack of confirmation, fans and followers are seemingly on track with the couple's recent activities. They are active on social media platforms, where they post photos of their outings and getaways.

Jordan and Harvey celebrated New Year's Eve together, along with some of their friends. People said they marked the beginning of 2022 by posting a series of intimate photos on Instagram.

A separate report from the same publication recalled how the two personalities began their relationship. As stated, they met through mutual friends a few years ago, with Lori Harvey saying they "met out, just in passing."

The dating rumors surfaced in November 2020. Several photos of them together on various occasions surfaced on media outlets, causing many to speculate about their relationship.

It was not until January 2021, though, that they confirmed their romantic link on Instagram. Michael B. Jordan, later on, shared in an interview that they made their ties known before the public because "it was the right time" for him.