A royal expert believes that the security issues involving Prince Harry and his family could be historic. This comes as he seeks a judicial review of the decision not to allow him to pay for police protection when in the United Kingdom.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Craig Prescott asserted that it has never been done in the past. It could reportedly "prove historic" as he is the first British Royal to do something like this.

The expert continued that it only makes sense why the Duke of Sussex would be the person to do it. He recalled what happened to the late Princess Diana, who tragically died after the paparazzi chased her in 1997, and cited it as the base reason behind the royal-born Prince's move.

A source, then, echoed the statements, saying that security is a "big issue" for him because of what happened to his mother.

Prescott, later on, added that Prince Harry is "trying to make a change" with his decision. In the end, however, he believes that the recent events surrounding the youngest Wales Prince are a "true tragedy within the Royal Family."

Whatever the case, though, the Duke of Sussex's legal camp emphasized that his goal is all about ensuring the safety of himself and his family while in the United Kingdom. In an official statement from his representative, it says that he wants his children to "know" his home country.

However, he, alongside Meghan Markle and their two kids, "are unable to return to his home" because of the absence of the "necessary police protection needed." Although they personally fund a private security team in the United States, this "cannot replicate" such protection while they are in the royals' turf.

The legal representative of Prince Harry, also, said that his security was compromised during his visit to the United Kingdom last summer, according to Express UK. It is reportedly understood that photographers chased his car after leaving an event in West London on June 30.

Despite this, the Home Office is allegedly refusing to "back down." A security source told MailOnline that the terms of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit from the British Monarchy "were clear," adding that the couple "are not able to hire armed cops at will, no matter how much they offer to pay."

A senior insider, meanwhile, shared with the same publication that the issue is not about whether or not the Duke of Sussex pays for it. "It is about whether or not the security is granted."