Queen Elizabeth II has yet to see or hold her great-granddaughter from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This is why she is, reportedly, "begging" for her grandson to compromise.

It all comes as the Duke of Sussex and his family are said to be unable to return to the United Kingdom due to the dismissal of his requests to pay for their own security in the country. Home Office denied his two prior filings, which would allow the Sussex Royals to have police protection under their tab when they fly back to the royals' turf.

Sources told Us Weekly that the Queen's hands are tied, and there is nothing she can do "in terms of changing the rules." The matter is said to be "out of the royal family's control," adding that the British Royals "have no legal standing" over making decisions when it comes to police protection.

As the disputes continue to develop, Queen Elizabeth II, allegedly, feels "heartbroken" that she might not get to see her great-grandchildren from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She is said to be worrying that the Sussex pair will keep the children away from her "if she does not figure out a way to get him what he wants."

The insiders continued that it has become a "devastating" matter for the Queen upon hearing the idea of never meeting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's daughter. In the end, though, she, reportedly, hopes that the family can find a solution to the ongoing matter.

It remains unclear how or where the anonymous informants obtained the information about Queen Elizabeth II. No evidence has come to light to verify the claims.

It is true, however, that, through a representative, Prince Harry stated he and his family are unable to fly back to his home country if the disputes over police protection are not resolved.

Meanwhile, the Home Office is reportedly "refusing to back down," according to the Mail on Sunday via Express UK. A security source explained that the terms of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's exit were clear when they left their positions as senior working royals.

The same insider noted that the matter is the same for all members of the public. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex "are not able to hire armed cops at will, no matter how much they offer to pay."

As for Queen Elizabeth II, she has yet to break her silence or release official announcements about the matter. The same, also, applies to the rest of the British Royal Family.