More than a decade has passed since Kate Middleton and Prince William tied the knot. But, even so, it appears that the future Queen Consort continues to sweep her husband off his feet.

An insider told Star that the Duke of Cambridge was "blown away" by her wife's natural beauty. This comes after seeing the outcome of the rare portraits that the Duchess of Cambridge did to mark her birthday milestone.

A day before she turned 40, Kensington Palace unveiled three new portraits of the princess. Raves and praises soon showered upon the royal as the images, indeed, capture her stunning visuals.

Apart from the future King, the three young Cambridge Royals, also, reportedly loved the output. The source claimed they were "excited" to witness their mother "looking like a Disney princess."

The outlet reiterated that the portraits will go on display in three different locations across the United Kingdom. These places all carry special meaning to Kate Middleton.

One portrait will be shown to Berkshire, which is her home county. The two remaining images will go to St. Andrews in Scotland, where she and Prince William met, and in Anglesey, Wales, where they first lived as a newly wedded couple.

Reports said that the photographs were a "true collaboration" between the Duchess of Cambridge and Vogue photographer Paolo Rovversi. They did the shoot at London's Royal Botanic Gardens in November 2021.

Speaking to Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, the well-known photographer shared a few things about what happened on the shoot with Kate Middleton. He opened up about working with her, alongside the royal's three children who gave a helping hand for the project, according to People.

Roversi revealed that the rest of the Cambridge household, including Prince William, chose the "close-up shot of Kate smiling in a one-shoulder dress." He added that the image is "where a carefree girl returns."

The artist continued that each of the portraits shows a "different" side of the future Queen Consort. Moreover, he wanted to keep the shots "contemporary," causing him to use "only natural light, little makeup, and no hairstyle."

Meanwhile, there is little information about how Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated the birthday milestone. While it is known that the family had a low-key event, no one can confirm who the guests were or if there were some.

The News International asserted, though, that the Duchess of Cambridge marked her 40th birthday without her celebrity friends. She was only with her family and some close pals.