It will be a relief to the British Royal Family if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not fly back to the United Kingdom. This is the latest assertions of a royal expert ahead of Prince Philip's memorial.

Express UK said that the Sussex Royals are likely to appear on the guestlist because the Duke of Sussex returned home for the funeral last year. Although the British Royals have yet to set the date for the memorial, Queen Elizabeth II has already agreed to have a Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey.

Speaking to Fabulous, Ingrid Seward explained why the Windsors will "breathe a sigh of relief" if the former working royals choose not to come. She claimed that the couple's attendance might turn into a "Harry and Meghan show," and no one wants that on the day of thanksgiving for the late Duke of Edinburgh.

For Phil Dampier, however, the absence of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the memorial service would not be a surprise. He even suggested that the current issues over security matters are a "good excuse."

Nevertheless, the royal biographer noted that the Duke of Sussex flying back to the royals' turf for his late grandfather is a good move from a PR point of view. He explained that the royal-born Prince will receive criticisms if he missed the service as it will look "disrespectful."

But, in the case of the Duchess of Sussex, Dampier asserted that it will be a surprise if she returns to the United Kingdom, even if it is for her late grandfather-in-law.

The talks about the potential return of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this year have remained apparent in the last few weeks. While some believe that they will be in attendance for Prince Philip's memorial, sources told Page Six that they could "skip" the special event if the security issues are not resolved.

A legal representative shared that the Duke of Sussex wants to bring his two children to the United Kingdom. However, they are "unable to return" to the country because it is "too dangerous."

The publication explained that the Sussex Royals have their own security in the United States. But, the team has no authority in the U.K., causing him to petition the British government twice.

As reported, the petition centers on allowing him to pay for his own police security, so "as not to impose on the British taxpayer." However, the requests were denied, placing doubts on the family's possible visit to the country.

Amid all the speculations, though, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry remain silent. The couple's representatives have, also, yet to release an official statement regarding their plans for the upcoming memorial.