Prince Harry lived a royal life for more than three decades. It was only 2020 when he began to go on his own way after deciding to quit his role in the British Monarchy.

He, alongside Meghan Markle, decided to relocate to the United States and become "financially independent." While they have already begun to establish new careers, these are not reportedly enough to sustain their lavish lifestyle. Sources consequently alleged that the Duke of Sussex is now asking for the help of Prince Charles, according to Star magazine.

As claimed, the royal-born Prince did not have to think about this aspect of his life. The idea of budgeting does not allegedly register with him because he had royal assistants and bankers to do it for him.

The insiders continued that the Prince of Wales funded his son's royal lifestyle. He used to go on massive shopping sprees and glamorous vacations, even buying everyone drinks and meals at expensive restaurants.

But, these all ended when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to exit their royal life in the United Kingdom. Accordingly, they are now reportedly turning to the next person in line to the British Throne to help them with their "serious money issues."

The same informants added, however, that his "pleas have fallen on deaf ears." This is said to be despite Prince Charles singing praises for his two sons in a recent essay about climate change.

The Duke of Sussex allegedly thought that his father would agree after learning about the Newsweek material. But, it is "you are either in or you are out of the family" for the next British Monarch.

This is not the first time reports of "financial issues" involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come to light. In mid-2021, royal experts said that they could be in such a problem despite previously closing their massive deals with Netflix and Spotify, according to OK! magazine.

Daniela Elser explained that the Sussex Royals could likely find themselves "out of pocket" if the projects do not pay off. She noted that their "money-making ability is pegged to their ability to generate good PR." Hence, if the interest toward them wanes, then "their value could plummet," leading to a potential write-off.

Amid all the assertions, though, no proof or piece of evidence has surfaced to support the stories. In addition, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have yet to make a statement regarding the allegations.

Therefore, the latest claims about them remain speculative as no one can prove their legitimacy.