Fans and supporters have continued to shower their praise and adoration for Prince William and Kate Middleton. But, despite the generally positive reception toward the couple, they, also, have their fair share of scrutiny and controversy.

In the latest issue of Star magazine, insiders spilled that the future King and Queen Consort are currently facing "heat" at home because of the recent allegations about the Cambridge patriarch. It is said that the Duchess of Cambridge is "doubting" her husband of ten years again, adding that her insecurities have resurfaced, as well.

Amid the arguments, though, Prince William reportedly urges Kate Middleton to "pay no mind" to the recent accusations. The sources added that the couple has already "learned from their mistakes," and now "communicate more openly."

The recent claims about Prince William and Kate Middleton come as the affair rumors surrounding the former have resurfaced on social media platforms. As reported, Alex Tiffin revisited the controversy, involving the rumored mistress of the Duke of Cambridge, Rose Hanbury, when he responded to a post about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

She Knows said that the journalist referenced the alleged affair, with him saying that "no amount of legal pressure is going to erase" it. As explained, he is critical of the Royal Firm's move to quash the negative stories about the future King.

Following the social media posts, the Cambridge Royals trended on Twitter as new light has shone upon the rumors.

The accusations, claiming Prince William had an affair with Norfolk neighbor Rose Hanbury, first emerged in 2019. Tabloids and magazines published the sensational rumor, and it has "electrified British high society" for nearly a year, according to The Daily Beast.

It was alleged that the extra-marital relationship happened when Kate Middleton was pregnant with their third child. She reportedly "immediately confronted" her husband upon learning the rumors, but the royal-born Prince "laughed it off" and told her that "there was nothing to it."

Despite all the shocking accusations, though, Prince William and Kate Middleton never broke their silence about the matter. It is likely that they will do the same with the latest claims about them, fighting over the resurfaced affair rumors.

Whatever the case, however, it is worth noting that nothing about the controversy has been proven. Sources and insiders have yet to provide a piece of evidence to support the stories.

Hence, these all remain as mere speculations unless otherwise stated.