Thomas Markle Sr. backed lawyer David Boies's suggestion of possibly deposing Meghan Markle as part of the civil suit against Prince Andrew. He recently stated that his daughter "should speak to law enforcement" in the United States if she knows anything about the matter, according to Express UK.

Speaking recently to The Sun, Markle Sr. asserted that the Duchess of Sussex is a person who could be counted on to tell the truth. He added that he knows his daughter "had some dealings" with the Duke of York, so, "she needs to speak out."

The former actress's father continued that his daughter "has no right to refuse." Moreover, it is her "duty to speak" if she has knowledge or involvement in "any way, shape, or form."

Thomas Markle Sr., later on, emphasized that Meghan Markle is not exempted from "this" just because she is a Duchess. He, however, countered that his daughter gave up the role already when she left the United Kingdom with Prince Harry.

The discussions and speculations over the Duchess's possible deposition came weeks after Virginia Giuffre's lawyer made the suggestions in December. He told The Daily Beast that Prince Harry's wife, alongside other British Royals, was a "potential deposition subject" in the case against Prince Andrew.

Attorney David Boies believes that Meghan Markle "may have picked up important knowledge" about the Duke of York's behavior and activities. He, then, explained the specific reasons why their camp may seek to depose her as part of the suit.

As pointed out, the Duchess of Sussex now resides in the United States, thus, giving them jurisdiction over her. The lawyer asserted, as well, that she was a "close associate" of the Queen's second son, "at least for a period of time."

In the end, Boies claimed that the former working royal is a person who tells the truth. So, checking these three boxes makes her a possible deposition subject.

Apart from Meghan Markle, though, the lawyer discussed the possibility of deposing other members of the British Royal Family, except for the Queen. These reportedly include Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and Prince Charles.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex has yet to make a comment regarding the matter. Publications stated that they reached out to her and her camp, but have yet to break their silence.

As for the case, the latest development is that Judge Kaplan ruled against Prince Andrew's request to dismiss the charges. Following the decision, Buckingham Palace released an official announcement, informing the public about the stripping off of the Duke of York's royal patronages and military titles.