Prince Harry has, once again, upset the members of the British Royal Family. Reports said that he launched another "slap in the face" with his latest move regarding his and his family's security when they return to the United Kingdom.

Sources told Us Weekly that the members of the Royal Firm have not taken his "power move" kindly. They reportedly see this matter as private, so they should have discussed it behind closed doors.

Queen Elizabeth II is said to be, however, "extremely understanding" of her grandson's need to assure the safety and security of his family. Even so, she has allegedly become "exhausted," adding that she is now on her limit.

Accordingly, the insiders claimed that, for her part, "enough is enough."

The same informants added that Prince Harry is "vowing to never return" to the United Kingdom if his request continues to be denied. As noted, he is allegedly "demanding access to the same level of security he had" as a senior working member of the British Monarchy.

Amid the debacle, though, it remains unclear whether the latest allegations are true. The British Royal Family has yet to make an official statement about the issue.

Hence, unless the Palace and the royals break their silence, these assertions will remain speculative and misleading.

It is true, however, that Prince Harry is seeking "judicial review" for his right to pay for his family's police protection in the United Kingdom. This comes as his two prior requests were denied ahead of Prince Philip's memorial service in the country.

A legal spokesperson for the royal-born Prince released an official statement to set the facts straight, according to People. It explains that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex fund a private security team on their own.

However, the said team "cannot replicate the necessary police protection needed" if they will fly back to the British Royals' turf. Therefore, in the absence of such security, "Prince Harry and his family are unable to return to his home."

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to confirm when they plan on returning to the United Kingdom. Royal experts believe, though, that they will likely fly back to the youngest Wales Prince's home country in spring.

Marie Claire reported that there will be several overlapping events come the said season.

The Invictus Games will take place in the Netherlands from May 29 to June 5. Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebrations will begin on June 2 and end on June 5, as well.

Apart from the two events, reports said that the British Royal Family will have a special memorial service for Prince Philip. Although speculations conclude that it will happen in April, Buckingham Palace has not released any information yet.