The British Royal Family has a lot to celebrate in 2022. Apart from the birthday milestones of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II is set to mark her seventh decade on the British Throne. She will be the first-ever British Royal to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.

Despite the historic feat, though, the new year still entails challenges to the Windsor-Mountbatten clan. Reports said that a "dark cloud" is looming over as Prince Andrew remains in the middle of the negative spotlight.

The Queen's second son continues to make headlines these past few years because of his association with the late Jeffrey Epstein. But, things have seemingly turned further down south when a judge recently ruled against his motion to dismiss the case Virginia Giuffre filed against him.

As the story develops, however, sources told OK! magazine that Queen Elizabeth II is "still defending" Prince Andrew behind closed doors. It is said that she will not desert her son "no matter the outcome."

Although he is under "immense scrutiny," the Duke of York reportedly gets by with the support from the rest of his family. Sources alleged that this is even though Prince Charles finds the whole debacle "disgusting."

As explained, the Royal Firm knows that this is a "difficult time" for the British Monarch. Accordingly, helping her manage and navigate these trying times is of the "utmost importance."

It remains unclear whether the entire narrative is true. The insiders did not share any evidence to prove the legitimacy of the claims.

Hence, whether Queen Elizabeth II continues to defend her son or not, no one knows unless otherwise stated. Moreover, the British Monarch, alongside the rest of the family, has yet to break her silence regarding the ordeal.

Even so, Buckingham Palace recently released an official statement regarding Prince Andrew. It is about the royal-born Prince's royal patronages and military titles, noting that they had been returned to the Queen.

The announcement emerged a day after the ruling against Prince Andrew's camp's motion to dismiss. It informed the public that the decision about the royal's titles and honors had Queen Elizabeth II's "approval and agreement."

Speaking to CNN, a royal source revealed that the patronages and honorary titles would be in "immediate effect for redistribution" to other British Royal Family members. It is, also, clarified that the "Duke of York" peerage will not be returned, allowing the Queen's second son to retain it.