The British Royal Family had uneventful months in 2021. Alongside the controversies, the members, particularly Queen Elizabeth II, lost Prince Philip, who passed away in April.

Amid the mourning, the British Monarch experienced further loss come December. Two of her longest-serving ladies-in-waiting, Ann Fortune Fitzroy and Diana Maxwell, met their respective demises on December 3 and 29.

Sources told National Enquirer that the heartache was apparent, and her "failing health" amplified it more. This reportedly caused her to cancel the annual tradition of celebrating Christmas at Sandringham, along with the rest of her family, in fear that she would not survive the year.

It is true that the passing of her husband, as well as the two of her ladies-in-waiting, was a tragedy in the British Monarch's life. But, as to whether these events, along with her health issues, were the cause of the cancellation of the Christmas at Sandringham, this remains to be unclear.

The insiders who made the allegations failed to provide any evidence to support the narrative. Moreover, Buckingham Palace made official announcements regarding the matter, stating that it all had something to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

BBC reported that these were in response to the worries over the surge of new COVID-19 cases due to the Omicron variant. As stated, aides described the move of Queen Elizabeth II as a "personal decision," adding that these reflect a "precautionary approach."

As for her health concerns, Queen Elizabeth II suffered from a sprained back months before the Christmas season. She had to withdraw herself from attending a series of public engagements and events, including the Remembrance Sunday service and the COP26 climate summit.

Weeks after the confirmation regarding her condition, Express UK released a report on the matter, informing the public about the monarch's recovery. It was said that she was in "good spirits" ahead of the holidays, and even made appearances at a few special events.

In late November, the British Monarch made it to the double christening of Princess Anne's and Prince Andrew's grandchildren. The clan welcomed the new members of the British Royal Family into the Christian world at the All Saints Chapel in Windsor.

The publication, also, shared that Queen Elizabeth II recorded her Christmas speech earlier in December. Moreover, she continued to fulfill several more engagements at Windsor Castle before the year concluded.

On top of it all, Prince Charles assured the public that his mother was "alright" during his official visit to Jordan. He even quipped that even at his age, "it is not quite as easy as it used to be."