Kate Middleton marked a life milestone earlier this year. She celebrated her 40th birthday and had a low-key engagement on January 9.

Three official portraits of her surfaced ahead of the day, and a source told Us Weekly that they all "delighted" her. She reportedly spent weeks preparing for the material, making the outcome more "thrilling" for her.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a selection of Alexander McQueen gowns for the shoot. They were taken by Paolo Roversi, an Italian-born photographer known for his striking and intimate portraiture.

But, aside from the future Queen Consort, herself, another British Royal shared the same sentiment as her. As stated, Queen Elizabeth II, also, liked the finished product, adding that they "absolutely wowed" her.

The insiders shared that the British Monarch found the portraits striking due to the "simplicity combined with a classic Hollywood look." Prince William is said to have left the majority of the decision-making to Kate Middleton.

It was not reportedly because he was not interested, rather, he wanted the entire project, especially the photos, to reflect his wife's personal style. "It was her opportunity to shine as an individual."

The same informants continued that Queen Elizabeth II feels her granddaughter-in-law is the "rare jewel in the crown." In her eyes, the Duchess of Cambridge is a "role model of hard work and resilience."

Furthermore, the head of the British Monarchy is said to be "beyond confident" in the future Queen Consort. She reportedly knows that the royal Firm is "safe" in Prince William's wife's hands.

This is not the first time sources talked about Queen Elizabeth II's reported fondness of Kate Middleton. In late 2021, a royal commentator and expert asserted that the future Queen Consort has already "fully earned" the monarch's trust, according to Cosmopolitan.

Joe Little explained in an interview that the Queen has "great trust" in Prince William's wife amid all the dramas and controversies surrounding the British Royal Family. He cited the "royal family order," which the Duchess of Cambridge received from the British Monarch, as one of the ways the latter showed her trust and confidence to the former.

The expert noted that it is a "big deal," saying that the Queen knows how important her granddaughter-in-law's role is in the future of the monarchy. 

But, earning the trust, confidence, and respect of Queen Elizabeth II was not easy for Kate Middleton. There was allegedly a time when they needed to convince the monarch that her "strong work ethic" was enough to become an official member of the Royal Firm.

Best Life previously reported that the head of the British Monarchy was "not pleased" and "less than thrilled" when she learned about the then-girlfriend of Prince William's departure from her job at Jigsaw. She thought that the young Middleton was only all about going to clubs and parties with her friends.

The Queen reportedly had no idea that the now-Duchess of Cambridge had a job. As it happened, she wanted privacy so she did not publicize her return to their family's business after her exit from Jigsaw.

Upon learning about the whole debacle, royal sources attested that Queen Elizabeth II became "relieved" to know her grandson's then-future wife did have a job after all.