Buckingham Palace recently released an official statement about Prince Andrew. It informed the public that he lost all of his royal patronages and military affiliations, including the use of his "HRH" title.

It is said that all of these peerages have been returned to Queen Elizabeth II. But, a royal correspondent asserted that Prince Charles and Prince William "had a hand" in the decision, according to Express UK.

Speaking to BBC News at Ten, Nicholas Witchell said that the public can "detect" their association in the whole debacle. He argued, though, that it would be "very odd" if the British Monarch did not consult them, considering the absence of Prince Philip.

The royal correspondent continued that the two Wales princes are, for sure, "concerned" for Prince Andrew. Even so, they are said to be much more concerned for the reputation of the British Monarchy.

As for the Queen's second son, the expert stated that losing his honors and affiliations "must be devastating" for him. But, what happened is understandable as the family is "trying to protect the monarchy from any further collateral contamination" from his case.

Witchell's assertions come as sources told the Mirror that Prince William met with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor castle "for more than an hour." They allegedly discussed the controversy, adding that they came up with the decision that the "axe should swiftly fall" on the Duke of York's royal career.

The latest developments in Prince Andrew's position in the British Monarchy come as he faces a civil sexual assault case in the United States. Virginia Giuffre sued the royal-born Prince, alleging that he abused her on three occasions when she was still a minor.

The royal's camp filed a motion to dismiss, citing the 2009 deal Giuffre signed with the late Jeffrey Epstein. However, Judge Lewis A Kaplan ruled against the contentions that the case against him was "legally insufficient," according to BBC.

A day after releasing the decision, Buckingham Palace published its announcement regarding the Duke of York. The same official statement, also, stressed that he will "continue not to undertake any public duties, and is defending this case as a private citizen."

ABC reported that the honorary military titles Prince Andrew lost include all the ones he held across the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand. He will, however, retain some of them, including his service rank of Vice-Admiral.

He has retained his peerage, as well, making him still the Duke of York. He will, also, keep his "His Royal Highness" honor, but is not allowed to use it in public.