Netflix's "All of Us Are Dead" is now getting everyone's attention with its interesting storyline about the zombie outbreak in a small university. Knowing South Korea has been gaining traction with the number of successful zombie dramas and movies, many are looking forward to seeing what this one has to offer.

Based on the webtoon by Joo Dong Geun, will "All of Us Are Dead" be different from zombie shows South Korea has? The series is now earning mixed reviews from some of the most famous movie critics.

AllKpop noted some critics claimed the new drama's popularity would manage to surpass that of "Squid Game." But some criticized its cast's acting skills.

Pierce Conran from the South China Morning Post only gave it two stars out of five, AllKpop noted. He said that although the first episode was impressive with its energy, the subsequent installments showed some cracks that got worse as it continued.

He added the show had an "array of issues," such as school bullying, college entrance exams, social inequality, blackmail pornography, cronyism and teenage pregnancy. It also featured references to a number of modern historical tragedies, like the Gwangju Massacre and the sinking of the Sewol Ferry.

Alternatively, Hollywood Critics Association member Rama has a more positive review for "All of Us Are Dead." He said that if "Squid Game" made a huge noise in 2021, "All of Us Are Dead" would make it this year, calling it a thrilling and never boring drama.

Meanwhile, South Korea has been known for delivering some of the best zombie apocalypse-themed projects, but director Lee Jae Kyoo promised "All of Us Are Dead" would give the genre a new meaning, per Rappler. Though there was a lot of zombie content in the series, it would delve into the future of the adults when they encounter a zombie virus.

It also has a unique feature: the young characters and its fixed setting. The outbreak happens in a very confined school space with young students, who may have no idea of what to do.

The drama will show the kind of choices they have that make it more interesting and intriguing. "All of Us Are Dead," which will drop on Friday, Jan. 28, on Netflix, tells the story of a virus-ridden school whose students will do their best to defend themselves from a zombie apocalypse.