Kate Middleton wants people to stop asking her about pregnancy. A source claimed that this is a wish she has today because it is adding more pressure to her.

Speaking to OK! magazine, the informant said that royal watchers and some family members are "bugging" the future Queen Consort about the matter. This comes after several female British Royals gave birth to a new baby last year, including Meghan Markle.

It is, then, alleged that the Duchess of Cambridge got "a little broody" when in-laws had new additions to the family in 2021. She consequently had everyone in the British Royal Family asking her if she and Prince William would still have one more child.

The insider continued that the Duke of Cambridge is "on board" with having a fourth child. However, he would prefer to have it this year due to undisclosed reasons.

Even so, he is not reportedly pushing the matter with Kate Middleton because he knows the challenges of going through another pregnancy. It is a "daunting task," especially to experience the "newborn stage in her 40s."

Despite these things, though, the Duchess of Cambridge is said to be "still making up her mind." She has not decided yet, but "she would prefer people stop bringing it up."

There is little information about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's plans in terms of having a fourth pregnancy. They rarely speak about it, and have yet to make official remarks about the matter.

So, it is unclear whether the latest story is true. Moreover, the source who made the claims did not share any evidence to prove the narrative's legitimacy.

There were, however, some instances in the last few weeks when Kate Middleton and Prince William seemingly gave the public an idea about their views on having another child. The most recent one was when the future King teased his wife about not wanting any more children during a public engagement.

Insider recalled that the Duchess of Cambridge was holding a newborn at a hospital during a photo op session with the staff.

As the crowd fawned at the view, the Duke of Cambridge joked, "Don't give my wife any more ideas." He, also, told the future Queen Consort not to take the baby with her as she handed the child back to the parents.

The quips Prince William made appeared to have supported Kate Middleton's statements in 2020. When asked about whether they still plan on having a baby number four, she said she did not think her husband wanted any more, according to Vanity Fair.