Star magazine deemed Prince Andrew "seemingly unconcerned" before the judge ruled against his legal camp's request. As stated, he appeared to be "more worried" about his connections than the ramifications of the suit.

A source previously told the publication that he was "petrified" over his friends dropping him from their circles. He, also, had concerns about getting "blacklisted" from elite parties and engagements.

Unlike him, though, the Palace had reportedly had "countless meetings" to plan how the Duke of York would proceed. The Firm had been in "crisis mode" due to the damages the scandal had brought.

But, things have since changed, particularly after a federal judge in New York denied Prince Andrew's camp's motion to dismiss. It is now claimed that the British Royals are cutting ties with him.

Prince Charles has reportedly iced out his younger brother, with an insider stating that he is "so angry" with the Duke of York. Likewise, Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to be "staying out of the drama."

The same informant continued that the Prince of Wales made pleas to Queen Elizabeth II, asking her to "stop paying Andrew's way." He allegedly told the monarch covering her second son's fees for the scandal "reflects badly" on the British Monarchy.

Following all the allegations, though, the British Royal Family, including Prince Andrew, has yet to make an official comment. Moreover, the sources have failed to substantiate the claims, making the entire narrative speculative.

Accordingly, no one knows whether the latest story about the Duke of York is legitimate. Unless the royal-born Prince confirms, the reports about him remain suppositional.

Nevertheless, a different source shared a similar claim to Globe magazine for its January 31 issue. As alleged, Prince Andrew is "trying to salvage" his status in the British Monarchy but, this time, the story features his two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

He is reportedly making an effort to save his standing through the York Princesses by restoring their positions in both public and private settings. It is said that he asked Queen Elizabeth II to force the "commoner" wives of Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry to bow down to his daughters, given that they royals by blood.

Similar to the earlier story, though, no evidence has come to light, proving the legitimacy of the assertions. It is unclear, as well, how or where the sources have obtained the information, considering the involved royals have yet to break their silence.