Lawyers are secretly preparing Prince Andrew for his day in court. An insider told OK! magazine that the royal is now "quietly bracing" for his trial.

The Duke of York's legal team is reportedly prepping him "how to conduct himself," especially during cross-examination. As claimed, his lawyers are hoping that he will "come off better" than his bombshell interview with BBC in 2019.

This all allegedly came after the Queen's second son thought his lawyers "would find a loophole" to dismiss the lawsuit Virginia Giuffre filed against him. The source stated that he was "under the impression he would escape" it.

It is added that Prince Andrew treated the case as a "nuisance." But, following the series of events in the last few weeks, his confidence has now vanished.

The same informant continued that Queen Elizabeth II has, indeed, stood by her son. Even so, she is "worried about the outcome" and what it entails for the British Monarchy.

She is, also, allegedly "disturbed" by the scandal, particularly the claims made against the Duke of York. Alongside her, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are said to be "embarrassed," as well.

Despite this, though, the British Royals have "pledged to stick together."

While the source provided several details to the narrative, no confirmations have emerged. It is unknown whether the story is legitimate as no proof has come to light.

Moreover, the British Royals have yet to make any official statement about the case. Likewise, Prince Andrew maintains his silence amid the controversy.

The latest claims, which the tabloid printed for its January 31 issue, came after a judge ruled against the Duke of York's camp's request to dismiss the lawsuit against him. Accordingly, the case will likely move forward to court unless they end up in a settlement.

CNN noted, though, that Prince Andrew still has until July 14 to "potentially answer questions" under oath. If the two parties fail to settle, the royal-born Prince could face a trial in late 2022.

Virginia Giuffre sued Prince Andrew in 2021, alleging that he sexually assaulted and battered her. She, also, claimed that the royal forced her to have intercourse at Ghislaine Maxwell's home in London.

The Duke of York's camp has denied the allegations, saying that the lawsuit is "baseless." They accused Giuffre, as well, of "seeking a pay-day," according to Al Jazeera.

In his infamous 2019 interview, the former working royal argued that he could not have had intercourse with Giuffre because he had come home that night after attending a children's party.