There is no going back for Prince Harry if Queen Elizabeth II removes him as Counsellor of State. Currently, he is one of the appointed members, alongside Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Andrew.

A source told the MailOnline that should the British Monarch ax him from the crucial role, it would be the "final nail in the coffin" for him." He can no longer return as a working member of the British Monarchy.

In theory, his military titles and other privileges can be reportedly reversed. But, it is said to be "in another league entirely" when he is no longer a Counsellor of State. As explained, the process of removal requires an Act of Parliament.

CNN said that there were reports last week, suggesting palace officials were in consideration to remove Prince Andrew and Prince Harry as Counsellors of State. This is because they are no longer working royals, adding that the latter is not even an official resident of the United Kingdom.

Amid all the assertions, though, royal officials and Buckingham Palace have yet to release a statement. Even so, constitutional experts reportedly deem the matter sensible and appropriate because counsellors "may be called upon to pick up" some of the British Monarch's duties if she is not around.

The publication, also, explained what a Counsellor of State is, as well as its background and role in the British Monarchy. As noted, Queen Elizabeth II can "empower" a group of individuals, who will have the authority to carry out official duties of the Sovereign.

Under the Regency Act 1937, these individuals are the monarch's spouse and the next four persons in line to the British Throne who are over the age of 21. This is why Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are on the list because Prince William's children have yet to reach the said age.

Meanwhile, the discussions about the crucial role come amid the Duke of Sussex's security row. He is reportedly making a "legal challenge" to the decision of the Home Office, preventing him from paying his and his family's police protection when they fly back to the United Kingdom.

A separate report from CNN stated that Prince Harry's legal team initiated the move in September 2021. The camp only decided to make the matters public recently to "set the facts straight" following a leak in tabloids and other publications.

An official statement from the royal-born Prince's legal representative noted that Prince Harry and his family are "unable" to return to his home country because of the danger it poses.

Although the Sussex Royals have their own security in the United States, the team "cannot replicate the necessary police protection needed," which is why they want to personally pay for it when they visit the United Kingdom.