Frustration is what Prince William and Kate Middleton, reportedly, feel these days. The claim comes as the issue, involving Prince Harry and the Home Office, continues to develop.

Sources revealed to Us Weekly that the entire situation is frustrating to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But, it is argued that the future King is "the first to sympathize" with the Duke of Sussex's security concerns.

Even so, the "never-ending drama" that surrounds the former working royals is "just too much." In addition to the controversies, there are, also, the "constant legal threats" from the Sussex Royals' camp.

While Prince William is "sympathetic," Kate Middleton is, allegedly, more "worried" about Queen Elizabeth II's health. As reported, the British Royal Family, especially its matriarch, is "already dealing with so much turmoil."

The issues, scandals, and controversies continue to emerge one after the other. Apart from the security concerns that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have, there is, also, the lawsuit that Prince Andrew is facing.

On top of these things, the reigning monarch previously had a health scare, causing more concerns to surface. Furthermore, the Windsor-Mountbatten clan lost its patriarch last year when Prince Philip passed away at the age of 99.

In the end, the insiders asserted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's "timing is just appalling, as always."

Amid all the developing claims, though, it is unclear whether the story about Kate Middleton and Prince William is true. The Cambridge Royals, much like the rest of the British Royal Family, have maintained their silence regarding the latest disputes that involve Prince Harry and the Home Office.

Accordingly, the assertions remain unproven and speculative.

Meanwhile, in other related news, other insiders previously alleged that Prince William and Kate Middleton had a "private" moment with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The two latter were said to have greeted the future Queen Consort during her 40th birthday earlier this month.

Speaking to Us Weekly, royal expert Christopher Andersen claimed that the so-called royal fab four "did a video call." The Sussex Royals, reportedly, wished the Duchess of Cambridge a "happy birthday."

Royal commentator Neil Sean argued, however, that this did not happen, according to Cheat Sheet. He told his viewers on YouTube that "there was card," which arrived at the royal residences.

But, in terms of having a private moment, he stated that "there were no Zoom calls, FaceTime's, or Skype's." Sean added this was "made up by the media," saying that the information came from a palace source.