Meghan Markle has "no desire" to return to the United Kingdom again. An insider stated that cancelling the family's potential trip back to the country would be fine for her.

Star covered the narrative in its February 7 issue and described the matter as not surprising. As recalled, she has "begged off" in the past, especially when Prince Harry flew back to his home country twice after their exit.

The Duchess of Sussex did not attend Prince Philip's funeral and cited her pregnancy as the reason. She, also, reportedly used the birth of her daughter as an excuse to miss the unveiling of the statue in honor of Princess Diana.

The report continued that Prince Harry seemingly agrees with Meghan Markle regarding the matter. This allegedly "infuriates" the British Royals further, considering all the dramas and controversies they have had since they left the British Monarchy.

The same source, later on, added that the Duchess of Sussex is using the recent security row they have with the Home Office as an excuse not to return to the United Kingdom. She has, also, reportedly "brainwashed" the Duke of Sussex into thinking the same.

It remains unclear whether the latest allegations are true. The informant never gave any evidence to support the claims.

What is certain, though, is that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are "unable to return" to the United Kingdom because of the absence of necessary police protection while in the country. The former's legal spokesperson previously released the official statement to clarify the security disputes before the public.

As explained, the Home Office denied the Duke of Sussex's requests to pay for police protection while he and his family are in the country. Although they have a privately funded security team in the United States, the said team "cannot replicate" the protection they need in the British Royals' turf.

Meanwhile, a royal expert believes that the security issues have now become a "very good excuse" for Meghan Markle not to fly back to the United Kingdom. Phil Dampier told The Sun Online that he does not think "realistically Harry expects to win" the case.

He suggested that the Duke of Sussex is aware of the matter, adding that getting the protection he is requesting "would set a precedent, and so it gives them the perfect opportunity" to make an excuse not to come to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Whatever the case, though, Express UK reported that many of its audience urged the Duchess of Sussex not to fly back to the royals' home country. As noted, about 93 percent of the nearly 12,000 participants voted for them not to return as they have already caused too much heartache, especially to Queen Elizabeth II.