Kate Middleton is sick of the negative comments about her figure. She is said to be "fuming" over the remarks toward her following the release of her birthday portraits.

In its February 7 issue, OK! magazine stated that the Duchess of Cambridge received not only praise and compliments but, also, "hurtful" opinions about her appearance. While some described her as "too thin," others asserted that she is not a "good role model for girls."

These things have reportedly caused frustrations on the future Queen's part because she is "very active," and has remained fit and slim. Even so, the accusations about her being unhealthy continue to surface, and sources are saying that it is "body-shaming," and offensive for the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton has yet to break her silence regarding the reported issue. Although, she rarely makes comments about such matters.

Hence, it remains uncertain whether the latest story about her is legitimate. Moreover, no proof has come to light, proving the claims about her.

Nevertheless, this is not the first time that the Duchess of Cambridge received criticisms about her figure. Over the years, she has faced different kinds of remarks regarding her appearance, even during the time of her pregnancy.

She Knows previously released a report, stating that Kate Middleton dealt with various forms of body-shaming when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte. As noted, the criticisms at the time were even worse than the previous ones she obtained from critics.

Apart from the "snarky" comments, saying that she was "too thin," there were, also, assertions about the size of her baby bump. Some reportedly accused her of having a bump that was too small, implying that she was thin and unhealthy.

The publication continued that others were critical, as well, of her look days after she gave birth. As reported, there were some who described her as "brave" when she stepped out, still with a baby bump.

But, despite all the hurtful comments and criticisms, Hello! said that Kate Middleton continues to work hard for her athletic figure. It, also, noted that this is already common knowledge that the royal "loves to keep healthy."

Apart from running and doing weight training, it is stated that the Duke of Cambridge does CrossFit and yoga, as well. In addition, she plays tennis and other types of sports, too.

The publication, then, asserted that the royal does not only live an active lifestyle but, also, follows a balanced diet. She reportedly prefers home-cooked meals with nutritious ingredients and smoothies that are rich in antioxidants.