Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reportedly listen to only a few people, and Courteney Cox is reportedly one of them. A source explained that this is because she has no agenda "except seeing them both happy."

Speaking to Globe for its February 21 issue, the unnamed informant began the narrative, saying that Cox is making her "final push" to reunite Pitt and Aniston. She is "going all out in a desperate bid" to get her "Friends" co-stars back with each other.

The "Scream" star has allegedly urged the "Ad Astra" actor never to let her former wife slip away. She has kept on insisting that the "Wanderlust" actress is "the one for him."

The same insider continued that Courteney Cox has been, also, "working on" Jennifer Aniston, telling her to be "open" to it. She has been "plotting ever since, gently cajoling" the former spouses to reunite and make it happen.

The "Friends" alum reportedly saw that Pitt and Aniston "still loved each other," adding that they "deserve another chance at happiness." For her, it is "crazy how Brad and Jen are obviously lonely and still have this insane chemistry together."

However, the former couple are said to be "holding back out of fear." While the actor is being "elusive," the "Murder Mystery" star is keeping herself busy with her shows.

While many fans of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt will likely find this as good news, there is no evidence proving that Courteney Cox is, indeed, pushing the former pair to rekindle their romance.

Aside from the lack of proof to corroborate the story, the actress herself, along with Pitt and Aniston, has yet to make any confirmation or denial. Accordingly, the latest story about the celebrities remains a rumor, and speculative at best.

The narrative of Cox being supportive to her "Friends" co-star romance with the "Troy" actor seemingly began to emerge after she reportedly "liked" multiple photos of the former couple on social media. Cheat Sheet noted that these images feature Pitt and Aniston sharing a "friendly hug" backstage during the SAG Awards night. 

Others even claimed that she, also, "liked" comments from fans, who asserted that the two celebrities "still love each other." But, as to whether Courteney Cox, indeed, wants Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt to be together again, no one can verify.

Meanwhile, the former married couple appears to have maintained a good friendship. The two celebrities have even talked about it before the public, saying they are on friendly terms these days.