Fans are, reportedly, sympathetic toward Meghan Markle upon learning about her alleged decision not to return to the United Kingdom. Some of her followers took their thoughts to social media, revealing their support to the former actress, according to Express UK.

One netizen even said that the public should not "blame her one bit" for choosing not to return to her husband's home country. But, despite all the support and sympathy, some are still critical of the Duchess of Sussex, saying that they are "more grateful" not to see her fly back to the country.

A Twitter user reportedly stated that the "UK is okay" with her alleged choice. Another individual seemingly echoed the assertion, adding that the British public does not "want her back."

The netizens' social media posts come after a royal biographer shared that Meghan Markle "has no intention of ever returning" to the United Kingdom. She "simply does not care" anymore as "Britain is a lost cost for the Sussexes."

Tom Bower made the claims amid working on a biography of the Duchess of Sussex, according to MailOnline. He, also, asserted that the "ultimate destination" of the former actress remains unclear but, "she certainly has the backing to make a bid to star as an American politician."

It is worth noting, though, that the statements of Bower are pure speculation toward Meghan Markle, as well as Prince Harry. There is little information as to whether the former working royals, especially the "Suits" alum, have already made a decision not to fly back to the British Royals' turf.

All the public knows is that the Duke of Sussex has sought a judicial review to the Home Office's decision not allowing him to pay for police protection when they return to the United Kingdom. Following the series of events, his legal representative released a statement, saying that the Sussex Royals are "unable to return" because of the lack of necessary security and protection.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, meanwhile, have yet to make any formal announcement about their decision. So, their plans for the next few months remain undisclosed and unclear.

Whatever the case, though, some experts and commentators believe that their security row with the Home Office gives them the opportunity to make an excuse not to fly back to the United Kingdom. It is said to be a "very good excuse," especially for the Duchess of Sussex, according to The Mirror.