Camilla Parker Bowles does not reportedly care whether she becomes "Queen" or not. She "could not give two hoots" about the title, but the case is different for Prince Charles.

Royal correspondent to Daily Beast Tom Sykes made the claims to an episode of the "Royally Us" podcast, according to Express UK. He, also, noted that he is "reliably informed" about the matter.

Sykes continued that the Prince of Wales has always wanted his wife to become Queen. While the Duchess of Cornwall did not mind it all, her husband "sort of saw it as an insult against the office of the Crown."

In the end, nevertheless, the royal expert believes that the shocking move of Queen Elizabeth II was "incredibly generous."

The discussions about the "Queen Consort" title have continued to emerge these past few days. It all comes after Queen Elizabeth II made it known that she wants Camilla Parker Bowles to receive the honor when Prince Charles becomes King of the United Kingdom.

She referred to it as her "sincere wish" in her accession day message, which the Royal's official website published earlier this month. It, also, marked the 70th year of her reign, seemingly commencing the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Following the shocking announcement, Prince Charles released an official statement to respond to the Queen's message. He, also, congratulated her on her milestone as a British Monarch.

The Prince of Wales began by highlighting his mother's "remarkable achievement of serving" the United Kingdom, alongside its realms and commonwealth nations for seven decades. He, then, acknowledged the "wish" of the Queen about Camilla Parker Bowles and the "Queen Consort" title, saying that he and his wife are "deeply conscious" of the honor it all entails.

The Duchess of Cornwall, also, shared her thoughts with the public a few days later. After stepping out for an official engagement at community kitchen Nourish Hub, some individuals from her audience asked her about Queen Elizabeth II's then-recent message.

Camilla Parker Bowles revealed that she feels "very honored," as well as "very touched."

As for the rest of the British Royal Family, no official word has yet to surface. But, reports have since claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton approve of the Queen's move after reacting publicly to the announcement.

Hello! magazine reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge "liked" the British Monarch's Instagram post, which features her desire for Camilla Parker Bowles to become Queen Consort when the time comes.