Eva Mendes is reportedly planning to return to Hollywood. Sources said she is "fired up" these days about the new direction she intends to take in her career.

OK! magazine printed the claims for its February 21 issue. As added, the actress wants to "re-enter showbiz" to make movies for her children.

The same insider explained to the outlet that it all came after Mendes showed her 1999 film, "My Brother the Pig," to her two daughters. She has taken inspiration from it as the young girls "went wild for it and kept asking to watch" the movie every night.

With her new outlook toward her career, Eva Mendes allegedly has put the word out to her agent. She wants all the "good scripts for family-friendly" titles, and, alongside Ryan Gosling, she looks at "possible children's books to option."

The informant continued that the "2 Fast 2 Furious" actress has taken so long to return to Hollywood because "she is very picky" about the parts she would want to play. But, this is "still very much the case," despite planning to re-enter the world of entertainment.

It might be a good plan for Mendes, as well as Gosling, and likely good news for the fandom of the actress. However, no one can verify the latest story, saying that she is returning to her career.

The tipster did not share any evidence to corroborate the claims, making the entire narrative speculative and suppositional. Moreover, the actress herself has not released any statement regarding the matter.

There are, however, some instances when Eva Mendes seemingly gave hints at a possible return to actingPeople reported that the most recent one happened in an interview with Sydney Morning Herald last October 2020.

The 46-year-old celebrity was promoting an event for the Ronald McDonald House Charities during the engagement. While doing so, she opened up about her "ambition," noting that "it did not go away" as it only "shifted onto the children."

Mendes, then, explained that she applauds and looks up to all the women who can do everything. However, she emphasized that she was not one of them, although she felt thankful about having a "choice not to work," adding that she had realized "how fortunate" she was to have this kind of choice.

In the end, though, the mother of two stated that she was "starting to feel like [her] ambition is coming back." This came after saying that her children were already at the age of four and six.

Eva Mendes has taken a hiatus from the big screens after welcoming her and Ryan Gosling's daughter from 2014. The actress last took on a film project in the same year, until she lent her voice for an episode of the animated series "Bluey" in 2021.