Jason Momoa, reportedly, prefers to live in his RV than stay in fancy hotels. This comes as photos of him with his van outside his pal's home have emerged on various media outlets.

A source told Globe for its latest issue that the 42-year-old actor has "holed up" in his "motorhome digs" after splitting with Lisa Bonet. He left their lavish $3.5 million hilltop house in Topanga, California, and has since resided in his Ford land yacht.

Momoa is not allegedly a "private jet, luxury resort kind of guy." So, it is said that his move to his "prized possession" makes total sense.

The "Game of Thrones" star has yet to make a comment about the matter. But, the outlet noted that fans should not "drown in tears" because the RV comes with "all the trimmings."

Jason Momoa has long been the owner of the custom EarthRoamer XV-LTi 026, which costs $750,000. He even once brought the van to the "Aquaman" premiere back in 2018.

Despite the silence and lack of confirmation, the actor did not deny the claims when they first made headlines. Page Six released a similar report earlier in January, asserting that witnesses spotted him "going in and out" of the luxury camper.

The same publication noted that the camper van was at the home of one of the actor's friends. It is said to be "near the Topanga Hills home," where Lisa Bonet and their two children live.

In one of the photos, Jason Momoa was on a "quiet walk" around the property, alongside his assistant. Although he appeared to be "less than red carpet-worthy," he seemed "clean" with his slimming blue jeans.

A source, then, later on, asserted that the DCEU star stays in his RV "quite often, and has opted to sleep in there." He has chosen to be in his camper "so he can be by the beach."

The spotting of Jason Momoa with his custom RV outside a pal's property came two weeks after he and Lisa Bonet announced their split on social media in January. They made it known before the public that they decided to end their nearly two-decade relationship and five-year marriage.

An insider shared with People at the time that Momoa and Bonet's split did not happen "overnight." The parents of two "were amazing for years, until they no longer were" as they "have grown apart because of different focuses."

As the "Justice League" actor continues to reach new heights in his career, distance has reportedly become a problem in his marriage. It was alleged that it became "difficult for them to be apart."