Julia Roberts has, reportedly, provided Emma Roberts a "loving shoulder to cry on" while the latter deals with her ex Garrett Hedlund's DUI arrest. She has become her niece's "rock," and even assures her of seeing a "light at the end of the tunnel."

This is the latest claim of an anonymous source who spoke to OK! magazine for its February 21 issue.

The same insider, also, alleged that the "Pretty Woman" actress is "disappointed" in her niece's former partner, adding that "there is no mistaking" in it.

The veteran star reportedly thinks that Hedlund is "incapable of getting his act together." He has put the "Wild Child" actress through hell, with the informant noting that the split has been "a long time coming."

There is little information as to whether the latest story about the "Pretty Woman" and "Nerve" stars is legitimate. No one can verify the claims, and the two celebrities have seemingly remained silent about the matter.

What is certain, however, is that Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts share a close relationship with each other. Over the years, the two actresses have continued to be vocal about their closeness before the public.

The List, also, recalled how the 31-year-old celebrity previously credited her aunt for her passion for acting. As per her recollection, the 54-year-old star "inspired" her to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Apart from official interviews and engagements, the two personalities share "sweet" and heartfelt notes toward each other, as well, on social media. They have paid "tributes" to each other over the years, especially when celebrating life and career milestones.

Meanwhile, as for Emma Robert's relationship with Garrett Hedlund, the former couple seemingly began their romantic link in 2019. Us Weekly reported that the dating speculations emerged weeks after Roberts and then-long-time partner Evan Peters broke up.

Nearly a year later, sources claimed that the then-couple are yet to talk about engagement and marriage. They were reportedly just enjoying each other's company as their relationship was "more fun than serious."

In June 2020, reports uncovered the then-pair's pregnancy. But, it was only after two months that Roberts and Hedlund confirmed the relationship milestone.

The "Tron" actor and "Holidate" actress welcomed their child before that year concluded.

As for their split, the public discovered the matter earlier in January. Garrett Hedlund was arrested for public intoxication days later, while Emma Roberts stated that she "loves" where she is at today.