A shooting incident at a car show in Arkansas has left one person dead and 27 others injured. Authorities said two people had gotten into an argument that quickly went violent, which then led to a gunfight at the crowded event.

The incident occurred at a car show that was part of an annual community event in the city of Dumas, just 90 miles southeast of Little Rock. Arkansas State Police Col. Bill Bryant said they had already identified one of the people involved in the shooting. He was reportedly arrested on an unrelated charge and is now being questioned regarding the incident at the car show.

Police said that some of the people wounded during the fight were children, including two toddlers. Authorities said six people under the age of 18 were shot and transferred to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. As of Sunday afternoon, the majority of those injured had been released.

The person that was killed during the event was identified as 23-year-old Cameron Shaffer. Police said there were no indications that Shaffer was involved in the gunfight and was likely killed by a stray bullet.

The car show was part of the town's annual "Hood-Nic" event, run by the Hood-Nic Foundation. According to the foundation's website, the event was meant to help raise funds for programs for school children and for scholarships. The event included a car show, a public bonfire, musical performances, a basketball tournament, and a teens-only party.

The foundation's chief development officer, Kris Love-Keys, said the event has always been family-friendly, and this was the first time something violent has occurred during the festivities.

When the bullets started flying, the auto show's organizer, Wallace McGehee, said he immediately began to run for cover and called on others to also get out of the way. Witnesses said the gunfire seemed to come out of nowhere, and all they could do was run away and look for cover.

One of the event's organizers said that everything was fine, and everyone was laughing and talking before they heard gunfire. He told reporters that people started to run away and tripped over each other in their panic.

Chris Jones, a Democratic candidate for running for governor of Arkansas, said in a post on social media that he was present at the event earlier Saturday. He said that he was there registering voters and found the event to have had a "positive family atmosphere." Jones added that he was deeply saddened and angered by the incident.