This edition of the Stanley Cup is going to be a tough call for bettors. There are way too many good teams that are likely contenders to win the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But is there any scope for the ardent Canadian teams this time?

It takes a lot of grit to win any playoffs. That way Canadian teams haven't been doing well lately. We think things will be different this time around. Is there any team that will end this drought? We have some mind-boggling answers for you!

Montreal Canadiens

A team that doesn't need all its players to be in super form is a deadly one indeed. The Canadiens have shown time and time again that their cohesiveness is the sole reason for umpteen number of victories.

With an abnormally great odds of over +10000 winning this year, the Canadiens are practically a cheat code to the Stanley Cup. Have a look at their youngsters and you will know what we are talking about. Romanov, Poehling, Suzuki-to name a few-are the youngsters to watch out for. They are promising prospects, and for all the right reasons.

Martin St Louis has ensured a greater sense of discipline in the team too. The players are reported to practice for longer hours, monitor their diet more strictly, and also develop a stronger mindset. All this equates to a more impactful performance. Dare we say, greater chances at the Stanley Cup too.

Calgary Flames

Carrying an odds of +900 this time around, the Flames aren't to be trifled with. You might argue and say that they aren't even the best Canadian team around, but we would gladly and respectfully disagree.

If not for sports betting regulated by AGLC, putting greater odds on this team and winning as a bettor would make people suspicious. They are one of Canada's best hopes at the Cup this time.

We'd also argue that the Flames have the best Canadian offense this time around. Possibly just next to the Tampa Bay Lighting, the Flames are just a spark or two away from producing the best play around. We can go a step ahead and say that the current Flames are better than the 88-89 season that played-and won. Having made the most out of this Trade Deadline with Toffoli in the squad, the Cup dream is soon to be a reality.

Calgary also has one of the best defenses in the team. Andersson, Hanifin, Stone, Tanev-the big names are right there to take the flames to eternal glory. It is only a matter of time till the championship reaches Calgary.

Ottawa Senators

You might not rate them as highly as the above two, but the fact still remains-it takes tremendous mental strength to win the Cup. The Senators have that in abundance. Yes, others don't seem to rate them as high as the Flames or the Canadiens, but we are here to argue otherwise.

Considering how rough the Senators have had over the last decade, their perseverance is pretty commendable. Melnyk has also gone on record to state how he wishes that the Senators win the Cup, and if you ask us-he might just be foreshadowing.

Ottawa have also experienced great success in their 2020 drafts. They've bagged a promising Stutzle, and their youth group seems extremely promising too. Be it Formenton or Parker Kelly or even Josh Norris at their attack; or perhaps Brannstrom in their defense-the Senators are rounding up for the Cup pretty hard this time around. If you are placing your bets, putting some on them might not be a bad thing after all.

Vancouver Canucks

Before you write us off, allow us to explain ourselves. The Canucks aren't playing to their fullest potential. We can agree on that. At the same time, writing their chances off would be asinine too.

Fine-they were out-hustled by the Canadiens. They also seemed to have lost their way with playing effectively. They seem to focus more on entertaining rather than winning. We can all agree that the slope is becoming slippery by the day.

At the same time, we aren't writing them off. The Canucks are a relatively younger team, and they have been rebuilding for quite some time now. That being said, it is only a matter of time when they find their spark-after which there is no turning back. The odds might be measly, but they are surely making a comeback.

Final Words

The Stanley Cup is not going to be easy for the Canadians this time. The Colorado Avalanche team seems to be a force to be reckoned with. The Los Angeles Kings are right there too. The Boston Bruins are practically assuming possession of the Cup already.

That being said, this only means one thing for you, the spectators-an exhilarating season like never before. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!