Ever since BTS announced the coming of their new album, "Proof," during the end of the "Permission to Dance" concert in Las Vegas in April, fans couldn't contain their excitement. However, when a new announcement revealed their new album would only be an anthology album, the ARMYs couldn't help but feel disappointed.

BTS recently dropped a new clip to tease the new logo for their upcoming release. Fans were all excited to see it, expecting it would be a brand new album, but it was the opposite, AllKpop noted.

Fahs were disappointed when they saw the new album's details, revealing it would be an anthology album with only three new songs. They all thought it would be a full-length album, considering the boys have yet to release one since 2020.

In a thread on The Qoo, netizens shared their feelings about the news. One fan said Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook should form their own agency, accusing Hybe of only seeing them as "money bags."

Others said they have been waiting for two years for a new album, but they will only see a compilation of their best songs. They also only released two new songs last year.

Another said Hybe seems to be focusing on webtoons and games today instead of promoting BTS more. So, a couple of fans demanded the company to give them a full album, adding it once again let them down.

Elsewhere, before BigHit Music dropped new details about "Proof," a fan predicted three possible subunits by using the colors from BTS members' Instagram profile photos. The first subunit was said to be J-Hope and Jimin, while the second one was Suga and Jin and the third one was RM, Jungkook and V, per Koreaboo.

To add more fuel to the fire, "Proof" would have three new songs that might be subunit tracks. Its photocard collection, on the other hand, seems to match the group's profile photos. So, is it just a coincidence or is this theory real?

Meanwhile, BigHit Music dropped a new teaser for BTS's upcoming album on Thursday, May 5, to give fans a glimpse of its new logo and announced its official release date, Rappler cited. The album would be out on June 10, in time for the group's ninth anniversary.

It also rereleased an official statement on WeVerse, saying "Proof" would embody BTS's history as they are about to start a new chapter. The album will feature three CDs and three new tracks that reflect the boys' thoughts and ideas about the past, present and future. The album is now available for pre-order on WeVerse.