"My Hero Academia" Chapter 352 will finally release this week after the two-week break. Fans will now see the conclusion of Shoto and Dabi's fight as the two brothers seriously want to take each other down.

Kohei Horikoshi had a one-week creative break that was combined with Shueisha's Golden Week publication break. So after two weeks of waiting, they will finally witness who will win between Dabi and Shoto in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 352.

SportsKeeda noted that though it might be impossible that the mangaka would take the fight to another location, it might still happen. The battle between the Todoroki brothers would soon come to an end, meaning the change of place might be imminent.

Shoto reportedly prepared specific attacks against Dabi, so fans are about to witness the effect of the former's Phosphor and blue flames attack on his brother. This attack works as an offense and a defense, so it will be resistant to Dabi's flames, giving him another advantage.

Though Endeavor may not try to mediate or stand between his two sons, he may make an appearance in the Gungan Mountains if any one of them dies. There is nothing that Shoto can do to save Dabi, even if he manages to defeat his brother.

However, fans still hope that the two can reconcile in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 352. Shoto may still have the chance to convince Dabi to forget his revenge and be his brother Toya.

But as Toya is long gone after his anger and revenge change him to become Dabi, no reconciliation may be happening. As Horikoshi is known for subverting expectations and cutting one's fight to feature others, the next focus may be on Uraraka's battle against Toga or Deku and leave readers on another major cliffhanger.

Meanwhile, in the battle between the two brothers, Shoto's self-awareness helps save him, per Recent Highlights. He has always been working smart and though he realizes his shortcomings, he is never weak.

He manages to neutralize Dabi's heat. He admits he has been half-baked and knows his family is a mess, but those are not enough reasons for him to kill innocent people.

Though what happened in the past might have been beyond Dabi's control, burning the innocents was his choice. Shoto hits his brother with his own version of Flashfire Fist called Phosphor.

Now, fans are about to see the result of that attack in "My Hero Academia" Chapter 352, which will finally drop on Sunday, May 15. He is desperate to stop his brother and solve their family issue, though it remains to be seen if he can make Dabi give up.